René Somers

inlays – musculoskeletal medicine – nail surgery – ultrasound – taping

After successfully completing my degree in podiatry and working in a practice, I was left with the conclusion that my education did not provide me with enough insight in how to find the cause of foot-related complaints.

In my vision, we need to look at the whole person to determine the cause and best treatment of their foot ailments.

So, I started studying for my medical degree, to learn how the human body functions, and to gain even more insight I became Doctor of Musculoskeletal Medicine. The vast amount of knowledge I gained this way I then applied to treating people’s podiatry conditions.

Listening to the patient, assessing whether muscles and joints are operating in sync or not, applying manual techniques and providing the best possible treatment based on all this, that is my goal.

For me, treating foot complaints is looking at cause and effect, the cooperation of (para) medical specialists (GP, physio, orthopaedics), and applying manual techniques to give people excellent care.

Member of Nederlandse Vereniging van Podotherapeuten
Member of Nederlands Register Manuele Geneeskunde
Registred in Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici number 19900986596

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