We can advise on, among other, shoes, exercises, lifestyle adjustments and the use of podiatry aids.

Advice on shoes

  • Buy your shoes in the afternoon as your feet will be slightly bigger.
  • Always try on new shoes in-store and with your inlays.
  • Shoes should be flat inside; if this is not the case, choose a shoe with a removable insole.
  • Always try on both shoes, one foot is often a little longer than the other.
  • If you need personal advice, please contact your podiatrist.

How to care for your podiatry aids

You can clean inlays with a leather upper layer with a slightly damp cloth, immediately followed by an application of colourless shoe cream or leather grease.
Inlays with a synthetic top layer can be cleaned with some soapy water and a brush.

We advise against cleaning them in the washing machine as this causes them to wear.

You can clean your orthoses with water and soap.
Please note: tears in orthoses can often be repaired. Please contact your podiatrist for more information.