Osteoarthritis of the foot joints: painful instep or forefoot joints

Fallen feet & Dropped foot arches: sore or tired feet with a abnormal shape, posture or function

Plantar Fasciitis: an inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes

Hallux valgus / hallux rigidus: painful deformity inside or on top of the big toe

Hammer toes / claw toes: painful curvature of the toes

Heel spur: a bony growth under the heel bone causing pain

Gait problems: incorrect foot rotation or placement

Morton’s neuroma: a pinched nerve in the forefoot

Tendon issues: painful or inflamed tendons or tendon sheaths

Excessive callus: painful recurring hard skin

Forefoot complaints: such as sagging forefoot

Sever’s Disease: pain caused by repetitive stress to the heal in children

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