Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage is an alternative therapy for physical and mental complaints. During the treatment, pressure points on the feet are stimulated. These points correspond with organs and other body parts. The encourages the body to clear any blockages and allow healing. Foot reflexology therapy is based on the holistic vision that there is a connection between body and mind.

Foot reflexology can help alleviate stress, digestion issues, hormonal complaints, lymphatic drainage, muscle aches, headaches and insomnia.

Results may include:

  • Improved circulation, aiding recovery
  • Expulsion of waste products via the lymphatic system
  • Removal of blockages in the nerve system
  • Physical and mental relaxation; treating fatigue, stress, burn-out, etc.
  • A balanced energetic system; meridians, chakras, aura

Additionally, you may request a medical pedicure. This is a separate treatment. If you would like to request it, please do so when you make an appointment.